How to figure out best products to sell on amazon

One of the hardest parts about selling on amazon is to find right and profitable product to sell. In case of picking something too niche; you run the risk of no body hearing of it or needing it. In other scenario of picking up too common or popular product and it drives a stiff competition.

Product selection entirely depends on your business model, product demand and its trend, product selection, the capital you have available and according to your selected fulfillment method.

Here we offer you few elements to keep an eye on that will lead you to the right answer. It would be very effective to double check these before going through final selection:

Best seller rank (BSR)

Amazon BSR is based on sales amount and updated regularly to reflect recent and historical sales of every item being sold. While looking for suitable product keep in mind that the BSR should be 1 to 60000 or less preferably of last 90 days.

Reviews of particular item

While selling online reviews play major role in choosing an item. But be careful while choosing a product of too many reviews because in this case you have to face fierce competition. Products with fewer reviews make it easy for you to amass 5 stars and effect your sales positively with more chances to getting you at the top. Try not to choose a product lesser review than 50. It means you are going to sell an established product.

Price range of that item

It is a common understanding that moderately priced items are tend to be impulsively purchased more than high priced ones. Also try to avoid inexpensive items as people correlate inexpensive items with cheap quality.

Rating game

The item you are choosing should in a good standing with lower rates of return and also stands at least 4 in ranking.

Category of product

While starting online business and sales try to avoid hassles and take easier steps. So, for the product selection try to choose ungated categories to avoid any in convenience.

Product type; shipping, size and tier

Product size should be standard as your FBA fee depends on the size of your product and also size of product ensures your profit margin. Larger items go up the price list and this can cut into your profit margins. By picking smaller and lighter items, you can make shipping costs and FBA fees more manageable.

Product seller type

Product should not be a private labelled one because it will lead to copy right infringement and cause trouble. Complains will lead you to remove from the listing.

By considering all these and many more points sellers can choose profitable products and secure their online sales with positive graphs.