Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution




Recently, Amazon has limited the inventory for sellers in the warehouse to 200 units. It has become a headache for businesses who deal in bulk orders like FBA wholesale and others. It’s severely affecting businesses with huge demand and supply, but every problem comes with a solution.


Seeing the market’s need, we’ve started a third-party logistics and fulfillment service to cater to all of your storage requirements for Amazon. It’s the perfect solution to your problem.


Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution

What type of 3PL services do we offer?

E-com Pioneer’s complete package offers a wide range of services, including:

Shipping and receiving





Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution


It’s the most crucial part of 3PL services because inventory availability is the sole requirement of combating the demand of consumers. Thus, every seller needs the inventory to be stored in a 3PL warehouse or storage to make sure that their products don’t go out of stock.

However, our clients need to fill a Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO), which states the product details and the number of products received. It’s essential for adequate management of your products; ultimately, it helps us in the timely shipping of products and ensures the availability of products for on-time shipments.


The next stage in the chain of 3PL services is warehousing. The products are stored in our warehouse using a systematic method. Additionally, the products are stored in dedicated shelves, pallets, or bins of different companies with unique storage locations.

The warehousing capacity varies with every 3PL service provider, and some service providers have enough space to handle hundreds and even thousands of units. It is in 3PL service seekers’ best interest to choose service providers based on their order volume and inventory. All in all, the 3PL service provider warehousing must meet your inventory storage requirements.

Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution


When an order is placed, the 3PL fulfillment process begins. You must be familiar with the term pick and pack fulfillment. Let’s see how the fulfillment process works.

An integrated 3PL software monitors customer orders, shipments, and stock levels to facilitate the fulfillment process efficiently, translating to completely automated shipping. Thus, the orders are directly sent to your 3PL service provider through the integrated software as soon as they are placed.

Once an order is received at 3PL, the picking team is assigned the task with a detailed list, including product details, storage location, and quantity to pick the product. Afterward, the products are then picked and moved on for the next phase of packing.


Once our representatives have picked the orders, the products are sent for packaging. We make sure that the products are packed according to the set standards. We choose the packing materials based on your products and brand. However, the common packing materials that we use include:

Besides, the standards for packaging are set to ensure the protection of products and the least possible dimensional weight. Consequently, the right measures of packaging help reduce shipping costs and offer better shipment to the customer.

Dimensional weight is a traditional costing method used for shipping. It accounts for logistics costs; furthermore, it can make a significant difference in shipping costs if optimized rightly by suitable packaging materials.

Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution
Third Party Logistic Services-3PL Services in Pakistan-3pl fulfilment-3pl warehouse-business solution


When everything is in place, the next step is to ship the products to your customers by the 3PL service provider. In this stage, we advise you to follow the following steps:

The 3PL integrated software can easily track the orders that are on their  way to the customers. Besides, it also sends the tracking details to sellers.

Why choose us for your 3PL services?

We hope you now know everything about 3PL. Let us tell you a bit more about our 3PL service. We’re the market leaders providing matchless 3PL services to our clients. As our experience is the assurance of our professionalism in delivering the best 3PL services, you can trust us. Our services include inventory management, packaging, and shipping, and we provide our clients with credible 3PL services that increase the productivity of the business and ensure profitability.

We’re giving you 3 best reasons to choose us for 3PL services:

As an agency, we guarantee you a high return on investment. Additionally, with our service, you will also see a boost in your business. Our services will help you eliminate all the logistic hassles like warehousing, employees, expenses, packaging, and shipping. Thus, you only need to reach out to us, and we’ll handle your logistics with efficiency and faster.

If you are an already established business or a growing business, the logistics will stuck you on your way to success. However, the troubles of packaging to shipping and warehousing will be exceedingly difficult to handle single-handedly. Thus, it’s in your business’s best interests to transfer your logistics to a 3PL service provider like us. We don’t claim to be the best; however, the quality of our services speaks for itself. We have earned the stature of the best service providers.

E-Com Pioneer uses modern techniques to reduce our shipping costs, like optimizing dimensional weight, shipment tracking, and using standard packaging. We offer the best rates in the market and comparatively reliable service.

Our experience and professional staff are the trademarks of our 3PL services. We’ve hired the best logistics experts from the market to ensure the provision of the best services to our clients. We keep up with the changing trends of logistics as it’s crucial to a business. That’s why we have the best professionals to cope with every problem in the way of our fast-paced 3PL services.

On top of this, we also have a network of marketing agencies, custom packaging agencies, and technology service providers to give our clients an ultimate logistics experience. We are here to support your business and lift it to new levels of success.

We are providing our services in all stats of USA. You can now sell your products anywhere in the USA without worrying about logistics. Get ready to double your profits and triple your business-level by selling across the US. Our services will help you expand your business with cost-effective services – the best reason to choose us!

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Why are we the best?

There are many benefits to use our services. While diVerent ЗPL companies have diVerent capabilities, we over
solutions for managing inventory, packaging, and shipping, ultimately providing reliable logistics and helping to maximize profitability for a business all in one Place.

By investing in a partnership with us, you eliminate the need to buy or rent the warehouse space, logistics operations, labor, and technology required for in–house fulfillment.
As your business grows, fulfilling order yourself becomes more and more expensive. These costs include warehouse space, forklifts and other equipment, warehouse management software, recruiting and labor costs, workers comp, and liability insurance.

As an ecommerce professional, chances are you don’t have the time to become well–versed in every detail of shipping and logistics. That’s where a 3PL comes in¦ staffed by ecommerce logistics professionals, your 3PL will be knowledgeable and up–to–date with the latest industry trends and complexities, so you don’t have to be.
We also have the technical resources and partner network including marketing agencies, custom packaging providers, and more that allows them to constantly improve and make supply chain optimizations to help drive ecommerce success.

If you’re only selling in one region, you’re limiting your business’s poten– tial. Working with us can help you expand your reach.
We have an extensive network of fulfillment centers, that in–house fulfillment lacks. We can help you reduce the cost of shipping and transit time for orders.
Shipping orders out from a single location can also mean more expensive postage for packages that travel across multiple shipping zones.

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