Ways to enhance B2B opportunities on Amazon

Amazon offering merchants B2B segment for specific needs of sellers; an extension to their program since 2016. Joining amazon B2B provides directly benefit from amazon’s presence, global net logistics and first-class fulfillment programs. Essence of business-to-business selling is thatsellers can offer their products as usual under end and to business consumer conditions. It means they can market to retail customers as well with institutional buyers.

Amazon’s new features for B2B

Amazon introduced new features to accommodate its B2B merchants. These features are designed for entrepreneurs and business clients to attract more buyers and sellers. Amazon auto mated buying process and countless analysis tools pave the way to new opportunities when it comes to transparency, efficiency and control. 

With the free VAT calculation service, sellers directly show net prices to customers, who take part in Amazon’s VCS program (VAT calculation service). Amazon also takes care of creating your invoice incl. the correct VAT rate and sends it out tocustomer in seller’s name.

Pricing criteria for merchants in B2B selling

B2B sellers can set an exclusive business customer price as well as percentual bulk discounts for various order amounts. This is super easy and convenient and will not cost extra time. Customers can also submit a request to the supplier of a product for specific orders. You can instantly connect with them via your Amazon Seller Central account and submit a suitable offer.

verified business clientcan purchase products via the Amazon B2B marketplace on account. Amazon takes the credit risk and takes care of the invoice as well as the collection of the payment, it means that additional cost and no increased risk for you. It’s actually quite the contrary: Because business clients prefer purchases on account, your chances to sell are usually improving significantly.

Why to choose B2B over other methods of selling

B2B on amazon provides easy and quick reach to high volume buyers. It offers a unique product catalogue that is only for business buyers and increase sellers’ opportunities. It also provides greater control over your Seller account metrics by only selling to specific B2B buyers with select credentials and certifications. Amazon B2B increases conversions and visibility in amazon search with documentation including CAD drawings, MSDS, user guides, etc.It gives best opportunity to brands to sell their products on world’s largest marketplace.


Steps to boost up B2B selling

B2B sellers can take their sales to high end skies by doing few things to increase their reach to customers.

  1. Selectrelevant product for business.
  2. Set up business customer pricing and discounts to induce bulk purchases.
  3. Send inventory to FBA fulfillment, it’s a cost-effective way to offer free shipping.
  4. Run limited time deals, discounts along with promotion to make cheesy way for specific products.
  5. Create sponsored products campaigns to get items aligned in more B2B in search results.

In this way amazon provides opportunities to B2B sellers to enhance their sales. Amazon B2B is a quick and easy way to increase options for business to buy in bulk and build a relationship so that seller can offer a massive lifetime value per customer.